for any machine quilter with any sewing machine on any frame

What quilters are saying about La Mer

Your incredible inspiring DVD arrived on Thurday. I watched it in its entirety and enjoyed it very much. You not only inspired me, but informed me of so many things. The most important, the titanium needle! I’ve never heard of them.

I’m going to try to fly to Houston so I can physically see, touch and try your Machine Quilter. Aer you going to be there for the entire show, or are there only certain dates you’ll be attending? Do you have a booth number, or are you giving classes?

Please let me know the dates you’ll be in Houston and then I’ll try to book a flight. I’m excited to finally be able to meet you and also to experience your incredible quilting machine. Have a wonderful weekend Martha.

Warmest regards,

Donna, from Wisconsin USA


My DVD arrived on Monday so thank you for getting it out to me so quickly. I only got the chance to watch it last night and I have to say I was very impressed! The penny dropped with your analogy to ballroom dancing – something I did for many years. My mother and I share a frame with a Janome 1600P machine and we had been struggling to get going. We are both now looking forward to trying out your methods and will let you know how we get on – it’s just a case of finding the time to go round to mum’s house to practice!

Please could you let me know when your next DVD is available and also if you will be doing another retreat next year.

Many thanks and kindest regards,
Lynn, from Lancashire UK


Thank you for a brilliant educational DVD. I think your teaching style is amazing and I am so glad you are living in the UK as I hope to come to one of your workshops in the near future. I have had my mid arm quilting frame for about five years and mostly it has just taken up a lot of room in my sewing area but now I will be whizzing through all my quilts on the frame.

By the way, I practised on an actual quilt and it looks very good. I will certainly buy your new DVD when it is released. I hope to see you at the NEC Birmingham in August.

Dawn, from Darbyshire UK.


Animated Snoopy Dance

GOT THE DVD!!!!! I am doing the Snoopy “Happy Dance”!!!!!!

Thank you so much for being persistent with the US Mail! I received the both the one on 12/31/2010 and 2/4/2011 today! Isn’t that crazy!

You make this so easy! You are a wonderful and talented & gifted teacher! It is an absolute pleasure watching you teach! It is obvious you have a passion for quilting and teaching. You take the mystery out of the process and break it down in simple steps. The film crew and you produced a very professional DVD that is so informative and fun! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!!! I agree wholeheartedly with Jill! You need to another DVD with you quilting a whole quilt!

Thank you for sending the fabric piece quilted on fleece. I want to try that it looks wonderful. I was always told that it was very hard to work with but yours looks stunning! My husband is looking at plans to build a table for me. 30 X 72 and hopefully two feet extensions with piano hinges on both sides. He is still researching as the support for the extensions is a bit baffling to him at the moment.

Are you traveling to the US this year to Houston or any of the shows? Any updates on the NEQ II? I am dying to see what it looks like and how it is going. I am like a kid in a candy shop!

Again, thank you very much! I absolutely love the DVD and can’t wait for the next one you are working on to be released!

Cricket, from Maryland USA

I GOT THE DVD!!!!! We are doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!
Thank you so much for your speedy delivery – when can I get the
Next DVD!!! We devoured it and then went back for 2nds!! We want
More – I want to watch you quilt a whole quilt!! All your stitches and techniques – you make it look too easy. Good camera work also.

You and your film crew did a very professional, wonderful job. I am a
major doodler and I also like to decorate cakes (piping bag rhythm)
so I think I can do this. I would like to have a class with you – do you
ever come to the US??

I can see that like a well trained dancer you could easily lead a
Newbie through the motions and launch them quickly. I saw the
YouTube of yur client – she was soo energized and encouraged
And so are we (the kids all want to quilt now.) Thank you for the DVD
It was MARVELOUS!!! Off to get the salt!!!

Jill from Ohio, USA


I would like to say again, how informative and pleasurable it is to listen to your tutorial. I put on another DVD from one of our reputable Patchwork Magazines this afternoon only to turn it off; I could not stand to listen to it. I only have one complaint; my husband will not stop humming La Mer.   LOL

All the Best
Brenda in Australia


My DVD arrived a couple weeks ago, then it was awhile before I had a chance to watch it. But I just want to tell you that I love, love, love it. I sat and watched it and immediately watched it again.

You have such a calm, peaceful way of teaching. Since I’m new at machine quilting, I sometimes get tensed up during the process. I think that viewing your DVD before I begin quilting will be very calming. I haven’t had time to try more than the ripple stipple and the mussel shell, but they are such fun to do. I’ll be anxiously watching for your next DVD.

Thank you,
Linda, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi USA

I just watched your preview for your DVD on YouTube. I am so impressed with your quilting. I also have a Juki and would love to watch your DVD’s.

Thank you,
Lori USA
Hello Martha,

The DVD has arrived in Germany, thank you so much.
Watched it yesterday in part with my parents. It’s exactly what I am
looking for. Great.

Heike from Australia (parents in Germany)

I received my dvd yesterday…. and I love my La Mer…. I shall be doing beautiful work I know it….. I have felt that maybe my domestic sewing machine and frame are like maybe 2nd to a long arm machine… but now I can make my quilting sing with the beautiful techniques you have shown me….. thank you so much.
Pam from
Sloughhouse, California


Martha, I don’t mind a quote at all…I would feel honored! I first heard of you at Longarm University. The recommendations were flowing for you upcoming dvd from quite a few of the students on the forums. Line dancing was the topic, and it sounded so right for me. The internet is fantastic for me to learn. Another area you are mentioned was on the Yahoo group homequiltingsystems. Jane Austin, the group owner has seriously encouraged all the domestic sewing machine 9 inch harp systems, maintaining beautiful work can be done there, that not only long arm work is best…. the motions are the same…etc etc. Well, you have given me the opportunity to prove that to myself.

“Across the pond” eh? I love that… I am also on the left side of the U.S. about 3,000 miles west of New York.. I am amazed at the technology that invented the internet..
Please be sure to make very loud noises when you have the next instructional dvd ready…. I certainly plan to keep learning your methods.

Pam S.
Sloughhouse, California


I received my DVD and absolutely love it! It is simple, yet full of information. I ask myself why couldn’t I think like that for myself.

Gloria D.  from Yelm, Washington USA

Hi Martha:

It arrived and I have watched from start to finish. It is just what I expected. It isbeautifully photographed and the information is very useful. I am looking forward to setting up my frame and making a practice piece (a quick way of making placemats).

The labeling on the cover indicated this is part one. Will you keep in on the list for part two or other productions that you do.

Thank you
Marie, from Hillsborough, North Carolina


Regarding the dvd La Mer Line Dancing…I have watched this dvd a few times now and each time I watch it I feel peace and tranquility and know with Martha Milne comes quilting from the heart.

I purchased my New English Quilters frame recently, and it has changed my views on how this style of quilting is not only beautiful but achievable, I have quilted for more years than I care to name, and improved as those years went on, with this style of quilting  it leaves  you free from stitching in the ditch and outlining and watching for every single mistake but gives you a sense of freedom and relaxation in your quilting. As I practice the flow and ebb of the sea quilting from this DVD and watch the waves roll over the quilt top, it is easy to understand how quickly a quilt can come together with this style of flowing machine quilting. This is a lovely DVD for anyone who like me loves to quilt, is full of  professional tips and hints on the variances of machine quilting, which are invaluable, I eagerly await the next one.

Brenda Houlihan

Hertfordshire,   England